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The Secret To Celebrity Weight Loss & Fat Loss Success

Erick Salgado “The Ab Pro” here, Have you ever wondered how celebrities can get themselves in such great shape and so quickly? It seems like celebrities can rebound from a recent pregnancy or get themselves in amazing shape for an upcoming movie role almost immediately. These Celebrities are human just like you and they struggle […]

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Redlands Boot Camp

        The Best Boot Camp in the Inland Empire is now open in Redlands! If you’re looking for an affordable and quick way to get into shape The Camp Boot Camp in Redlands is the way to go. The Camp Boot Camp is voted number 1 in the Inland Empire for many […]

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Will Running Make Me Fat?

Will Running Make Me Fat? Fit Tips With The Ab Pro Running may not be as effective at burning fat as many people think. Running eats your muscle and slows you metabolism. It also promotes slow twitch muscle fiber which use oxygen for fuel instead of sugar. If your goal is fat loss you want […]

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Lose 50 Pounds In 3 Months!

Rafael lost 19 pounds in May. What makes his progress even more amazing is that this is not the first time he has done this. In just 3 months he has lost over 50 pounds. I was able to talk to Rafael about how he has been so successful losing fat. Rafael won our body […]

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Should Women Lift Weight?

Erick Salgado here, I am often asked by new clients “should women lift weight?” My answer is always “YES!” Many women believe that lifting heavy weights will get them big and bulky. WRONG! Lifting heavy weight will increase yorr metabolism, giving you that lean, curvy body you have always wanted. Remember, women have 17 times […]

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New Year Resolution Success

Over 70% of all people who make a new years resolutions fail. Do not let that be you. Learn what is needed to keep your new years resolution. Unfortunately, many people are in the habit of quitting their new years resolution as soon as they have a set back. So, what is the secret to New years […]

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