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The Ab Pro Book

NO FAD DIETS. Real weight loss advice on mindset, nutrition, & training from one of the most experienced personal trainers. Learn how simple and fun it is to be healthy and fit.

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In-Person Training

Affordable and Effective Circuit Training in Riverside California. Virtual & in person weight loss challenges available from our world class team. See why over 100,00 people have transformed their lives with The Camp!



Quality supplements will help you perform better and recover faster. There are many options out there. Here are a few of my favorite supplements. Each purchase helps support our team. Cereal Milk Protein for LIFE!


Meal Prep

Why eat plain chicken breast, when you can get amazing quality, pre seasoned or even pre cooked protein? See why people are loving their diet with Meats2U. Abs are made in the Kitchen! Meat2U will help.



Miracle Sports Cream is great for sore joints and muscles. The cream contains high quality CBD oil developed to help athletes perform better and recover faster. This highly effective ointment will work instantly on the targeted area. It smells great and you only need to use a little.

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