Patricia Gonzalez

starsIntegrity and Service to those looking for honest input. My highest regards to Erick Salgado. Being a leader in the fitness industry requires an honest dedication to client success. Erick Salgado is the embodiment of fitness with years of experience. The experience he shares is all aspects of nutrition, fitness and health have been a true game changes for me while on my own journey. It is a true gem to find a coach who not only knows the nutrition, but also is so down to earth and is truly about success of his clients. I have been so honored to get all my questions answered on nutrition, lifting form, basically you name it regarding health and fitness. In a world where there are plenty of coaches out there looking to advance themself and overlook the needs of their clients, Erick Salgado has consistently been at the forefront of addressing clients’ best interests.”

-Patricia Gonzalez