Frustrated with stubborn body fat?

I Will Show You How to Eliminate Stubborn Body Fat

You are busy and your time is valuable

Trust me... I get it.

Who has time to workout and eat right when you have a hectic job and a lovely family.

Over the last 7 years I have helped 1000's of people just like you through the programs I helped developed as a part of The Camp Transformation Center. I opened the second location in Riverside, CA & worked closely with the co-founder on creating the programs that now operate in over 100 locations internationally.

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Erick Salgado, AKA "The Ab Pro."

My own journey into fitness started when I got sick and tired of feeling sorry for myself. I understand the frustration and negative self talk that can result from being unhappy with your health and fitness level. 

You may feel EXACTLY like I did when I decided to change my life forever.

After hitting my breaking point, I spent years researching, competing and working with coaches. I wanted to learn everything I could from the experts so I wouldn't get confused by all the marketing HYPE in the industry.

Working with PROFESSIONALS helped me save Time, Money, & Energy. I was able to Stress less, get Results FASTER, & ENJOY Life!

I LOVE what I do because I help people become more confident through health and fitness. You will smile more, be more outgoing, and people will notice!

How would you like to get that promotion at work?

Would you like you relationships to improve?

While I love helping people Lose Weight and Burn Fat, nothing compares to the high I get from hearing how I was able to help someone turn their life around.

It's NOT going to be easy. It will require work and dedication. NO EXCUSES!

You must make sure you have the right mindset to get the most out of this. I believe you can be successful with a little bit of guidance and support.

Read my Ebook  LEAN BODY NOW

Lifestyle - How I balance health and fitness into my busy life while still enjoying it.

Nutrition - A simple way I adjust my nutrition based on my goals without over complicating it.

Cardio - When to use cardio and what kind of cardio should you do for optimum results. 

Resistance Training - Get my workout plan so you can hit the gym like a pro!

Exercise Demonstrations - I will help you with you form to prevent injury and ensure your stimulating the muscles properly. 

& More!!!

Inner Circle App Included


Workouts with Video Demonstrations for Men & Women.

Nutrition Plans for Women & Men.


Your Transformation Awaits!

You Have Two Options to Choose From Right Now....

Option 1: Keep doing what you're already doing.

Option 2: I take over as CEO of your body and give you full access to my Inner Circle. You get unlimited access to, literally, everything you need to burn fat effectively, so you can go on enjoying life.

That said, it's important for me to be forthright and tell you my 1-on-1 coaching program is $500/month depending on the package.

But because the Inner Circle is all-inclusive and the app makes it so easy for you to access my best workouts & nutrition plans 24/7/ can have all of it for a fraction of the cost, without any long-term commitment, AND a 30 day money back guarantee.

100% 30-Day MONEY BACK Guarantee

You have, literally, nothing to lose. 

When you join the Inner Circle right now, you get INSTANT ACCESS to every workout, every nutrition plan, and the members-only support portal valued at $97/month for ONLY $24.99/month

That's LESS than $1/day. And you can cancel anytime!