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As featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine for his certification in Fitness Nutrition through the International Sports Science Association, Erick Salgado has helped over 100,000 people lose weight and burn fat through his work with The Camp Transformation Centers over the last 8 years.

After 13 years competing in natural bodybuilding & mens physique, he took 1st place at Muscle Beach International Classic 2019. Today you can find his book “Weight Loss Secrets” on Amazon, work with his team virtually or in person for large group or small group training. Imagine what you could accomplish with the help of The Ab Pro.

About The Ab Pro

Achievements / Bio

Erick Salgago study food science & business at the California Polytechnic University Pomona. During this time he became president of The Latino Business Student Association & an National level fitness competor while working at his Grandfather Tortilla Factory.

In 2009 Erick Salgado purchased TheAbPro.com & used it to interview fitness professionals. Over the years he would compete in fitness completions & learn how to scult a classic physique. Erick took 1st at The Muscle Beach International 2019 Classic after 13 years of competing.

Erick was featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine for his International Sports Science Association Certification as a specialist in Fitness Nutrition. He is a Elite Trainer, and Owner of The Camp Transformation Center in Riverside, California. He has helped 100k+ people lose weight & get lean.

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