The Top 3 Reasons Women Fail to Lose Weight

My name is Delia Elias and I’m a NPC (National Physique Committee) Bikini Competitor. Bikini Competitors are judged on their physical appearance, while posing on stage, wearing a bikini.  For these bikini competitions, the ideal bikini body is feminine, sexy, curvy and tone (especially the gluteus maximus).  

“The ideal bikini body is feminine, sexy, curvy and tone.”

For most women, including myself, having this type of body does NOT come naturally and in fact having such a body means spending some time in the gym. I typically get asked by women, “how do you stay in such great shape?” or “how do you get so tone?”  My answer always is, “I go to the gym on a regular basis, lift weights, and eat healthy.” From a female’s perspective, I believe most women FAIL TO LOOSE WEIGHT or can’t keep the weight off because of the following three reasons:


Reason #1

Women don’t lift weights: Most women are afraid of lifting weights because they believe lifting weights will cause them to get “big” and “bulky.” This however, is a misconception. Woman will not get “big” and “bulky” unless they are taking steroids and have been lifting seriously for years. 

Women have 17x LESS testosterone than men, making it much more difficult for us to build muscle tone and get lean.

On the other hand, lifting weights will help you loose weight because the more muscle you have on your body, the more fat your body burns while at rest. This means, the more tone your body is, the more you can eat without gaining the weight because your muscles burn the fat.

Reason #2

Women don’t eat enough protein: Majority of woman don’t eat enough protein because they think their diets should consist of only salads in order to loose weight. For example, when a couple goes out to dinner, what does the girl order to eat? – A BIG SALAD. What does the guy order? – A BIG PIECE OF STEAK. There is no wonder why the girl can’t loose weight. Women tend to go on diets and think they can only eat fruits and vegetables but this is a big NO NO! Girls, just like guys need protein to help build muscle in their bodies. We also need it to maintain muscle and keep our metabolism going. 

Protein is essential to keep your muscle tone, your skin glowing and your hair healthy.

Not only does eating salads deprive you from getting the necessary amounts of protein your body needs but it also increases the chances of you eating more fat (loading your salad with high calorie toppings and dressings). This can be worse than eating a Whopper!

Reason #3

Women do ineffective cardio: Women often engage in ineffective cardio because they maintain the level of intensity at the same rate during the entire cardio session. For example, jogging at the same speed for 20 minutes is not going to burn the same amount of fat as if you did sprints for 20 minutes.  

Improper cardio can slow down your metabolism resulting in a skinny yet flabby body and not a Lean Bikini Body.

Doing the elliptical at speed 7 for 30 minutes is not as effective as doing the elliptical at speeds 7, 10 and 13 for 30 minutes. High Intensity Interval Training is the best way to burn more calories while spending less time doing cardio!


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  1. The Ab Pro May 9, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    Great article! I highly recommended any women looking to get a lean bikini body talk to Delia.

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