The summer is here, how do I keep the weight off?


Boot camp training is quickly emerging as one of the most effective and foolproof ways to blast fat from those unsightly areas we all want to hide. So, if you happen to be looking for a promising weight loss program this summer, why not join Riverside Boot Camp and lose as much as 20 pounds over 12 weeks the fun way?

With summer already here, you surely do not have excuses to shun exercising anymore, so take the plunge and show your curves! Challenging workouts in boot camp training are designed to rev-up metabolism, build-strength, cardio-condition your body and shed fat.

Riverside Boot Camp has specialized weight loss programs, based on the needs of the participants and includes general-fitness training for women and kids, senior citizens, and even for brides-to-be. There are calisthenics like push ups, jumping jacks, crunches and body weight exercises to push the body to its limits.

With qualified instructors monitoring your work outs, our weight loss programs start with workout sessions of about 45 minutes of cardio coupled with strength training. This motivates the body to dig into its fat reserve and burn out calories. With the guidance of an experienced personal trainer you get a customized training and increased calorie burn. Do you know exercises like lunges and squats will help you burn more calories than just cardio alone?

These exercises can also be done at the comfort of your home with the help of equipment as a part of the weight loss programs. They easily fit in one’s busy schedule, and having correct equipment will make all the difference. Equipment used indoors may include dumbbells, an exercise ball,  a medicine ball and mat.

You must monitor the intensity of your workout and stick to your plan. Squats, thrusts, plyo-jacks, walking lunge, jumping-jack with front kicks and other similar exercises, are common exercises employed in circuit training. Why not take a look at  Riverside Boot Camp for all your workout needs and see optimal results with the Boot Camp weight loss programs?  Become fit from fat and flaunt your toned body this summer with our weight loss programs!

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