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The Best Fat Loss System was developed by Erick Salgado “The Ab Pro” to help his clients accelerate their fat lass progress. Erick Salgado has helped hundred of people burn through fat quickly and safely. Clients rave about the results they have gotten when working with Erick, whether it’s at his boot camp in Riverside, California or through is Professional Coaching Program. Clients have lost up to 15 pounds in only a month! Whats even more amazing is that they eat more, feel great, and keep the weight off long-term. Now you can learn how they do it The Best Fat Loss System. Erick offers you a video series, audio tracks, e-book, and a lifetime of updates for a low one time investment.

 But before we go into details about The Best Fat Loss System, lets look at alternatives.

Most people seek professional fitness coaching from:

  1. Personal Trainers
  2. Nutritionists
  3. Supplement Store Clerks

Personal Trainers 

Many people think their only option when seeking professional fitness coaching is to hire a personal trainer. Personal training is a great way to learn the basics of health and fitness but there are a few draw backs. Personal trainers can vary in experience and it could be difficult to coordinate you training routines with their schedule. The biggest draw back is the price. Personal training can cost up to $900 a month!


Another popular source of nutritional advice comes from nutritionists. Again nutritionists are a great resource for people looking for some help with their diet but there are still draw backs. Nutritionists have a tendency of complicating nutrition and do not spend time helping clients understand nutrition. They do this because they want to keep you as a client and if you felt like you no longer needed their help then they lost you as a client. Often times nutritionist will simply hand out various diets with very little explanation. Nutritionists can cost up to $300 an hour!

Supplement Store Clerks

In today’s society everyone seems to think a magic pill will automatically burn fat. As a results supplement store have spread throughout the US. Unfortunately, many people are sold ineffective supplements which have the highest profit margins for the store. Fat loss pills and powders can cost up to $150 a month!

The Solution?

Instead of wasting you time, energy and money on expensive fat loss alternatives, check out The Best Fat Loss System. Don’t spend $900 a month on a personal trainer, $300 a session to meet with a nutritionists, or $150 on the latest fat loss pills and powders from a supplement store. The Best Fat Loss System will teach you everything you need to know to get the results you have been looking for. This System includes a video series, audio tracks, & e-book discussing the following topics:

  • Mindset
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Supplements

The Best Fat Loss System outlines the advice Erick Salgado uses to get his clients amazing results. This program is designed to make fat loss simple. The simple, easy to follow techniques described in The Best Fat Loss System will give you long-lasting results. Clients have lost 15 pounds in only a month, dropped over 12% body fat and completely transformed their bodies.

For more information visit The Best Fat Loss System.

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