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Recommended Supplements

Erick here, I want to talk to you a little about supplements. I am often asked by clients about supplements. Before I give you my recommendations, I want you to understand that supplement will help you get results but are not magic pills or powders. If you see any company promoting their products as such, you should […]

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Featured Member William Stockwell

Below is a letter I received from The Ab Pro’s Professional Fitness Coaching client William Stockwell. William made incredible progress. Read below to learn how. “My name is William Stockwell I am 44 years old and currently unemployed after working aircraft for twenty years.  After I was laid off I went into a depression even though I did not […]

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New Years Resolutions

  As the new year begins many people wish to improve their level of health and fitness. If this sounds like you or someone you know, I can help. My name is Erick Salgado with The Camp Boot Camp – Riverside.   We are the ONLY Indoor Weight Loss Boot Camp in Riverside  that will […]

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Interview with Aubrey Ross

I was always an athlete growing up, and played soccer in college. I loved the crazy training and was always in amazing shape. When I graduated, I was constantly trying to find a way to push my body to the limits again. I never knew anything about competitions and went to watch one of my […]

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Interview with Krystian Malinowski

About five years ago. “Major thing that stands in between you and the fulfillment of your dream is the willingness to start, the courage to move ahead and the faith to finish”-Unknown. Good nutrition plan design specifically for the individual to reach their goal. Exercise plan design specifically for the individual to reach their goal. […]

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Best Protein Powders

Whey protein is commonly used by athletes to aid in muscle recovery. It is 100% bio-available and is the fasted digesting protein. This makes whey protein ideal for post workout nutrition. Some people may experience some discomfort when using whey protein because many companies use cheap whey concentrate which will still contain some traces of lactose. Whey protein isolate on the other hand is 100% […]

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Power, Sex & Money

The top three motivators in life are Power, Sex & Money. Now these may seem rather crude but every one of us is motivated by these in some way. We are motivated by power so we can live the life we desire, we are motivated by sex so we can have a family and we […]

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Interview with Shaka Smith

I have always been active. I grew up swimming and playing water polo competitively.  I began lifting weights with the team in college but didn’t quite take to it.  After college however, I wanted to remain in shape and knew that the gym was the best way to stay fit. I always trained hard though […]

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Interview with Emily Reynolds

My Dad took me to the gym when I turned 13 and that is when my love for barbell began! I began training hardcore for my first Figure Competition in April 2009. “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do” Go to : www.youtube.com/mlefitness – and watch “My Ab Workout & a dance […]

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Interview with Chris Smith

My training has been ongoing most of my life. I played football so I was always able to stay in shape. A few years ago I became injury prone and walked away from football after tearing my lebrum in my right shoulder and the following year tearing my lateral meniscus. I fought for a year […]

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