Success Stories

“Erick helped me get the body I wanted for my Bikini Competition. He’s VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE in the areas of health, fitness, nutrition, exercise, and weight training. If you want make changes to your body and LOOK AND FEEL GREAT, then contact Erick! He knows exactly how to help you REACH YOUR GOALS and with him nothing is impossible! Trust me!”
– Delia Elias


“I am the first bodybuilder in history to win first place in 5 different weight divisions. This is something that has NEVER BEEN ACCOMPLISHED BEFORE, but I’m not here to talk about me. I’m here to talk about my good friend Erick Salgado. When I met Erick, I was immediately VERY IMPRESSED with the in depth knowledge he has about Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics and Nutrition. He is a wealth of knowledge and he is one of the most mature people that I know for his age. This guy is absolutely amazing. What blew me away was his AMAZING SIX PACK ABS. He has the GRAINY SIX PACK ABS that is just ridiculous. I was totally blown away when I saw how good of shape he was able to get himself into for his first bodybuilding show BY HIMSELF! I have no problem at all recommending Erick Salgado and his knowledge for anyone who is seeking the ULTIMATE SIX PACK ABS.”
– Dr. Saman (Sam) Bakhtiar


“Any time I need some help getting a little bit more definition in my mid section I go to Erick. He is the SIX PACK ABS EXPERT. Besides, who wouldn’t want a more defined midsection? SIX PACK ABS ARE SEXY and are guaranteed to grab people’s attention. You could have great legs and nice arms, but if you don’t have six pack abs, you do not have the complete package. Erick knows what he is talking about so take his advice seriously. Have you seen Erick’s Six Pack Abs?”
– Alejandra Font


“After much research and exploration, Erick has sifted through all the diets and workout fads and found a path to an INCREDIBLY SCULPTED PHYSIQUE. The evidence is his own body! As with many of his personal accomplishments in life, they have all been accomplished and maintained through his dedication and perseverance.”
– Michael Young


“Erick has the most amazing abs that I EVER SEEN! He is a very easy guy to work with. If you want six pack abs like Erick, TAKE HIS ADVICE!”
– Rochelle Reyna


“Erick Salgado is AMAZING! He has a very simple yet addictive approach to fitness especially when it comes to abs. I felt forsure I exhausted all my options when trying to get a more sculpted abdominal section. I tried everything but I couldnt see the results I was expecting until I met THE AB PRO myself. Its no surprise that Erick is so successful at what he does.”
– Richard A. Talamantes


“I have known Erick for a while now. He is dedicated to fitness and staying in the best shape that he can be. He is also very passionate about helping others reach their goals whether it is losing weight, building muscle, or just toning up. Erick helped me understand fitness and the benefits of staying healthy. He is the GO-TO-GUY for fitness. Erick knows what he is talking about and is very friendly and understanding. He is the BEST TRAINER I have ever had and I would recommend him to anyone!”
– Tanya Abu-Khalaf


“Having known Erick since childhood, his work ethic, research methods, and discipline are SECOND TO NONE. Even though now that we are over 300 miles apart, his methods and philosophy have helped me achieve a body that I have always dreamed of. Not only are his methods effective, but his approach to fitness makes results easily achievable. I had lost hope sculpting a body like Erick after trying numerous different routines, diets and programs blaming my failure on insurmountable genetics. But after a few months of following Erick’s advice, I began to notice DRAMATIC RESULTS and continue to do so!”
– Harsheel Parmar


“Erick is the most dedicated person I’ve ever met when it comes down to fitness. He is awesome to work out with and really GETS YOU RESULTS! I’ve trained with him before and I have to say that is when I was in MY BEST SHAPE. He really knows what he’s doing and makes me scream and grunt in the gym! I highly recommend him! Erick rocks my socks!”
– Amelia Callejas


” I have known Erick for well over 10 years, as long as I can remember he has shown a dedication and focus to health and fitness that I believe to be UNPARALLELED. As a combat veteran I know what dedication and discipline are about, Erick is the living definition of those two words.”
– David Grega