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I want to talk to you a little about supplements. I am often asked by clients about supplements. Before I give you my recommendations, I want you to understand that supplement will help you get results but are not magic pills or powders. If you see any company promoting their products as such, you should not buy them. You will notice that the products I recommend do not have fancy labels and do not make claims to get you ripped, or beach ready in days. Instead, I recommend products that use high quality ingredients and provide my clients with education information on how to use them properly.

Again, supplements will not substitute proper nutrition. If you have any questions about diet and exercise, please read my book which can be found at:

Erick’s Recommended Supplements


Essential Fatty Acids:

Testosterone Support:

Fat Burner:


Protein Bars:

Protein Shake:

Meal Replacement:

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

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