My Story


From: Erick Ruiz Salgado
Date: April 14, 2010
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Fellow Fitness Enthusiast,

Not too long ago I was sitting in front of a computer, much like you, looking for answers. I spent hours researching and invested a small fortune to learn what I know now. Using the knowledge I obtained, I transformed myself from your “Average Joe” to “The Ab Pro.”  AND SO CAN YOU!

You see, I was neither fat nor skinny. My body was average. I could gain weight or lose it, but I never looked impressive. Lets just say, the only way you would have known I worked out, is if I told you… and then it happened.

I was doing that great in college. I was never one of the smart kids, so school was always challenging. So here I am, feeling a little bummed because my GPA is low, and I really started to reflect on my life. That is when I made the decision to never give less than 100% in anything that I do.

Oh… That was also when I decided to get Ripped SIX PACK ABS. It was not easy to juggle work, school, club activities and workouts, but I DID IT.  And now, I have my Degree, a Beautiful Fiancée, and of course SIX PACK ABS.

I created to share the secrets the fitness industry try to cover up and help you AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES. Let me help you SAVE TIME AND MONEY by showing you how the pros get ripped SIX PACK ABS.

Committed to your success,

Erick Ruiz Salgado “The Ab Pro”

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