How The Pros Do Cardio


Ever wonder why hours of cardio don’t seem to get you SIX PACK ABS?

If your goal is to flaunt head turning SIX PACK ABS, the task ahead for you is daunting but not impossible. You will never get results if you are not prepared to work hard and make sacrifices. If it was easy, EVERYONE WOULD BE RIPPED. You will have to be mentally prepared for the hard exercises which will shape your body over a minimum period of three months. A combination of high intensity interval training cardio along with effective weight training will help you get get those abs in the least amount of time possible.

What is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio is a specific cardio technique used by the top fitness professional around the world. As the name suggest, this technique requires an athlete to endure intervals of high intensity followed by an interval of moderate intensity. To really understand this technique and just how effective it is, compare a sprinter’s body to that or a marathon runner. Both run (I hate running), yet one trains using HIIT and the other trains while “pacing.”

The sprinter will develop lean muscle with minimal amounts of fat due to HIIT. The runner, who paces on the other hand, forces his/her body to burn though muscle. This happens because the body has adapted to survive. Muscle is an expensive tissue because it requires calories, thus speeding up our metabolism.

A runner does not require much muscle because very little power is needed to keep a pace. The runners body eats excess muscle and slows down the metabolism. The sprinter requires more muscle because sprints, which are a form of HIIT, require a large amount of explosive power. It did not take long for fitness professionals to observe this difference and begin implementing HIIT into their own routines.

The results speak for themselves!

Why use HIIT?

  • Maintain hard earned muscle
  • Burn more fat
  • Spend less time doing cardio

Now, I only used sprinting and running to explain HIIT. Let me restate that I HATE RUNNING. Just the thought of running makes my knees ache. I do NOT recommend running for anyone looking to build an impressive physique. It is too stressful on your joints, which will tear down your knees and deliver inferior results than other forms of cardio. Instead (and I know this will sound lame) try power walking. Believe it or not, it is more difficult to walk at a fast pace than it is to run. Power walking is less stressful on the joints and has a greater range of motion, meaning it targets more muscles.

Better yet, try using the stairmaster. Just remember you should always do cardio in an interval fashion. Use a preset mode or program on the machine that will vary the intensity. Set the machine to a level that is difficult and keep cardio sessions under an hour.


Traditional cardio techniques only burn calories while you are performing the cardio exercise. HIIT style cardio stimulates muscle similarly to weight training, meaning you body will burn extra calories for hours or even days after your HIIT session. Yes, even when you sleep!

Is it any wonder why professionals use HIIT?

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