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Below is a letter I received from The Ab Pro’s Professional Fitness Coaching client William Stockwell. William made incredible progress. Read below to learn how.

“My name is William Stockwell I am 44 years old and currently unemployed after working aircraft for twenty years.  After I was laid off I went into a depression even though I did not realize it.  One day I was looking on Facebook, because it had become my new obsession, and found  Erick with The Ab Pro.  I realized I did not want to sit in front of the computer anymore and that one of the things that makes me very happy is to work out and be fit.

The biggest adjustment I had to make was my eating habits.  For years I had practically lived on soda, chocolate, and sweets of any kind.  The few good things I had to eat were generally cooked for me and given to me, if I had my way it would be cheeseburgers all the time.  So to say my diet took a drastic turn is putting it lightly.  I quit soda cold turkey and went to water, replaced bad meats with good and learned that all vegetables are not bad.  As I said before the diet has been the biggest learning aspect. Getting on a good work out cycle was another adjustment, I tended to do what I wanted, when I wanted.  Now I have certain routines I do and I train everyday but Sunday.  I also had trouble communicating with others and feeling like I was always answering to someone. Sending Erick regular updates about what I am doing and eating has made me realize you can communicate with someone without feeling like you are having to report to them.  The support he provides has been very beneficial and makes me realize I am not in it alone.

My first motivation was wanting to feel normal again, and involving myself with The Ab Pro made me WANT to become more physically fit.  The next thing is I have a goal of doing a Physique competition in March 2012 and I will not let anything get in the way of that even if I am the oldest and smallest I will be there.

One if my favorite saying’s is “Git ‘er done!” and that is what I am doing.  I will not stop till I get it done!

If anyone is interested in contacting me or following my results from The Ab Pro workouts and fitness please see my Facebook page under William Stockwell.”

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